Nicolas Hoover is a storyteller.  He makes theater, writes fiction, and designs games.  He lives in
Seattle with his husband Brett Wiseman and their dog Zeke.

During high school and college, Nicolas focused on THEATER as his primary medium for telling stories.
He worked as an actor, director, playwright, and lighting designer, which culminated in a BA in Drama
from the University of Washington in 2004. While earning his degree, he wrote and directed a gay
adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and was commissioned by the university to write Beginnings
for freshman orientation in 2003. After graduation, Nicolas moved to New York to pursue theater, but
unable to find work that satisfied him, shifted his focus to writing fiction. He still enjoys writing plays.
His short play for young actors, The Red Merit Badge of Courage, is available from Samuel French. He
was also commissioned by Ray Burley Productions to write one of Four Tree Plays for the 2014 Hollywood
Fringe Festival.

Since shifting his focus to FICTION, Nicolas has returned to Seattle. His writing has appeared in
Breadcrumb Scabs, Fringe Magazine, and [untitled]. He has received both first place and an honorable
mention in the Writers' Weekly 24-Hour Short Story Contest and was a semifinalist in the fifth-annual
Literary Upstart Competition hosted by L Magazine in Brooklyn. He was also a 2012 Lambda Literary
Fellow. Nicolas was hired to ghostwrite a trilogy of fantasy novels, but the project lost funding and was
never published. He is currently writing the first book in a science fiction series for young adults, which
is set in a multiverse he’s been developing for many years, where each universe is inspired by a different
genre of fiction.

An avid gamer, Nicolas developed an extensive vocabulary of game mechanics by collecting and playing
over a hundred board and trading card games and participating in a weekly roleplaying group with
rotating RPGs. His favorite game is Magic: The Gathering, which he first started playing in 1994 in fifth
grade. He loves Magic so much, he proposed to his husband with the Magic card Sol Ring. In 2009,
Nicolas discovered GAME DESIGN was a perfect blend of his love for both gaming and storytelling. He
has since designed and prototyped a handful of board and card games, developing them through
multiple iterations with his friends and family as playtesters. He is currently working on a board game
where players play a group of gay friends competing with each other to hookup with the
hottest guys.

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