1. There are no rules in writing, only readers. 

2. There are no good reasons to write. Do it anyway. 

3. If you aren't in the work, there is no work. 

4. The influx is the world around you, the efflux is the writing, you are the process in between. 

5. Enrich the influx with new places, new experiences, new people, new ideas. Enrich the efflux with craft. Enrich you by simply embracing yourself in all your breadth and contradiction.

6. Craft is a means towards clarity of expression, not the expression itself. 

7. The unknown is the engine of the work. The moment you know what it is, you've finished it. The moment your reader knows what it is, they've finished it. 

8. There are no good people and bad people, just people.

9. The way the story is told is inseparable from the story itself. 10. You can't write later, you can only write now.